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    Kitchen remodelling Southside Brisbane

    Do you often find yourself frustrated in your kitchen, sensing that the flow is far from functional and efficient? Imagine the joy of preparing meals in a kitchen where each step is intuitive and seamless, free from awkward layouts, outdated cabinets and faulty fixtures . A well-designed kitchen not only enhances daily life but adds delight to special occasions.

    Embark on the journey of turning your kitchen frustrations into joy with our trusted kitchen renovation services. We are your partners in creating a kitchen aligning with your vision and practical needs. Here’s what makes us an excellent choice:

    • Our QBCC licence ensures your project is in safe hands. Trust experts with credentials.
    • With our 6.5-year workmanship guarantee, upgrades to your kitchen are not just immediate but enduring.
    • From initial design to final touches, we are your complete solution providers.
    • We’re committed to efficient on-time delivery, ensuring you enjoy your new kitchen sooner.
    • Deal directly with the business owners, ensuring personalised attention and an in-depth understanding of your needs.

    If you’re considering kitchen renovations or searching for kitchen refurbishments in Brisbane, we’re the renovation and construction company for you. 

    Call us today to transform your space into a culinary haven that exceeds your expectations.

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    Don’t let a dysfunctional kitchen turn your special occasion into a disaster.

    Imagine hosting an event and struggling to prepare a meal in a dysfunctional kitchen. Bid farewell to the chaos of the cramped, cluttered old kitchen, that is hindering your ability to create and share lasting memories with your family.

    Why Choose Us?

    We understand the nagging stress of having a dysfunctional kitchen. It makes you reluctant to cook because of the everyday challenges it presents, such as dealing with dysfunctional layout, aged worn out cabinets, outdated appliances, and inadequate bench top space

    Fortunately, there’s no need for you to endure that stress any longer. We specialise in crafting and renovating kitchens that are not just beautiful but also highly functional, tailored to meet your unique requirements. Whether you’re envisioning a spacious kitchen with a grand island bench for culinary masterpieces or a cosy, space-efficient kitchenette for your apartment, we ensure that the design aligns perfectly with your lifestyle and preferences.

    Entrust your kitchen or bathroom renovation project to licensed experts. We are QBCC licensed, insured, and members of the Master Builders Association, QLD. These credentials give you peace of mind that your investment into a new kitchen is in safe hands, ensuring a worry-free kitchen reno experience. 

    Additionally, our 6.5-year workmanship guarantee ensures that the changes we make to your kitchen are not immediate fixes but long-lasting improvements. 

    Choose us to transform your dysfunctional kitchen into a haven of efficiency and delight. Contact us now to schedule a consultation and let’s turn your kitchen frustrations into a celebration of a beautifully renovated space, in the shortest time possible.

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    You're In Excellent Hands with ADG

    Bisbane bathroom builder
    Anushma K
    Anushma K
    We had our laundry room renovated by ADG Construction and are very happy with the finished result. Alex and his team did such a great job. Communication was prompt and easy. There was no hassles organising the quote. The staff were all really lovely. We were very happy the a quality of the renovation as well. Would definitely recommend.
    Alex Dempster
    Alex Dempster
    Would definitely recommend these guys for bathroom, kitchen and other renovations. The team are all very professional, genuine and honest compared to many others
    Kevin Chang
    Kevin Chang
    Alex and Dan were awesome to deal with. We're so stoked with the renos! Definitely recommend.
    Callum Wishart
    Callum Wishart
    I provided ADG with a tough design and they surpassed my expectations - would highly recommend for any construction job. Very friendly service as well
    Hamish Nelson
    Hamish Nelson
    Working with ADG was frictionless and positive. Extremely satisfied with the amazing service and friendly support. The renovations turned out phenomenal
    Mia Spinks
    Mia Spinks
    All my expectations were exceed! Not only is the team super friendly, all the work they did was superb. ADG Construction is a10/10.
    Thomas Clarke
    Thomas Clarke
    ADG have helped me build and design my dream home. They were super efficient and had great communication. We were always kept up to date with progress and were very lenient with our suggestions. ADG refuse to cut corners and are willing to spend more time and money to ensure everything was done professionally and according to the AS. 10/10. Would recommend to anyone wanting to renovate. Thank you so much to ADG and their responsive, friendly, experienced team
    Avi Ganasan
    Avi Ganasan
    Recently, I had my kitchen renovated by ADG Construction, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Their team (especially Alki) was punctual and showcased great efficiency throughout the entire process. Their dedication to timely completion without compromising on quality is commendable. I highly recommend ADG Construction for anyone looking to elevate their home with top-notch renovations.

    4 Steps to Superior Kitchen Renovations in Brisbane

    Connect with us

    Embark on your journey to a dream kitchen by reaching out to us – a simple call or filling out our quote form is all it takes. Our team is thrilled to engage with you, eager to understand your vision and kickstart the process of crafting a kitchen space you’ll adore.

    Tailored Consultation

    Immerse yourself in a personalised experience with a detailed consultation focusing on your kitchen needs. Engage in a thorough discussion to expertly align with your preferences, ensuring the final result harmoniously blends functionality and aesthetics. Your Vision, Our Expertise – a bespoke plan for your ideal kitchen remodel.

    Effortless Transformation

    Once we’ve finalised the plan, our efficient team collaborates closely to schedule the kitchen renovation. Expect a smooth and hassle-free construction phase, minimising disruptions. We strive to turn your small kitchen redesign into reality swiftly, completing makeovers within a short timeframe.

    Savour the Elegance

    As the final touches settle, savour the culmination of your renovated kitchen. Count on us to surpass your expectations, providing a kitchen remodel in Brisbane that aligns with your aesthetic desires, enhancing the overall pride and satisfaction you feel in your home.

    Call Alki For a Free Quote

    (07) 3130 0301

    Call Alki For a Free Quote

    (07) 3130 0301

    4 Benefits of a new kitchen

    Improved Functionality

    A renovated kitchen brings about improved functionality by carefully analysing and accommodating your unique lifestyle needs. Thoughtful design considerations involve optimising storage solutions, and ensuring convenient access to utensils and ingredients. The arrangement of appliances and the strategic placement of work zones contribute to an efficient workflow. This enhancement in functionality goes beyond mere aesthetics, aiming to simplify daily tasks and elevate your overall kitchen experience.

    Elevated Aesthetic Appeal

    Beyond the functional aspects, a kitchen renovation introduces a heightened aesthetic appeal to your space. Careful attention is given to the selection of materials, colour schemes, and design elements to create a visually pleasing atmosphere. From modern and sleek designs to classic and timeless aesthetics, the renovated kitchen becomes a focal point of beauty within your home. This infusion of style not only enhances the visual appeal of the space but also reflects your personal taste and contributes to the overall ambiance of your home.

    Increased Property Value

    Investing in a kitchen renovation is a strategic move to increase the value of your property. Potential buyers often view the kitchen as a critical factor in their decision-making process. A modern, well-designed kitchen attracts attention and adds substantial value to your home. This improvement in property value can provide a return on investment, making the renovation a wise financial decision when it comes time to sell or refinance the home.

    Personalised and Enjoyable Space

    A key benefit of a kitchen renovation is the opportunity to create a space that is truly personalised and enjoyable. From choosing the layout that suits your cooking style to selecting materials that resonate with your preferences, the renovated kitchen becomes an extension of your personality. Customisation goes beyond aesthetics, encompassing functional elements that align with your lifestyle, making the kitchen a space where you can genuinely enjoy cooking, entertaining, and spending time with family and friends.

    Kitchen Reno FAQs

    How long does a kitchen renovation take?

    The timeline for a kitchen renovation varies based on the scope of work. Small kitchen renovations in Brisbane typically take around 2-4 weeks, while larger projects may extend to 6-8 weeks. Factors like design complexity, material availability, and unforeseen issues can impact the duration. To get an accurate estimate, schedule a consultation with our experts.

    Will remodelling a kitchen add value to my home?

    Absolutely. Kitchen renovations are known to add significant value to homes. In Brisbane, a well-designed and updated kitchen is a major selling point. Potential buyers are often willing to pay a premium for a modern, functional kitchen. This investment enhances your living experience and proves to be a wise financial decision if you decide to sell or refinance.

    How can I cut costs on a kitchen remodel?

    To manage costs effectively, consider keeping the existing layout to avoid major plumbing and electrical changes. Explore cost-effective materials without compromising quality, and prioritize essential upgrades over luxury additions. Engaging with our experienced team allows you to identify areas where savings are possible while still achieving a stylish and functional kitchen.

    How do you remodel your kitchen on a tight budget?

    Remodelling a kitchen on a tight budget requires strategic planning. Focus on cost-effective cosmetic changes like painting cabinets or changing hardware. Consider refurbished appliances and explore budget-friendly materials. Our team specialises in optimizing budget constraints, ensuring a stunning kitchen makeover without breaking the bank.

    Should You Remodel Your Kitchen or Just Refresh It?

    Deciding between a full remodel and a refresh depends on your goals and the condition of your kitchen. A refresh involves cosmetic changes like new paint or updated fixtures, while a remodel includes structural changes and new installations. Assess your needs and budget to determine the most suitable approach.

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