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    Bathroom remodelling Coorparoo

    Have you been dreaming of a bathroom that provides a much-needed serenity and relaxation after a long day?

    Whether you want to create a beautiful spa-like bathroom for your large Queenslander home or just want a functional space efficient small bathroom renovation for your Coorparoo apartment, we’re the local bathroom renovation contractors for you. We are a construction company specialising in creating a relaxing bathroom for your home.

    Offering both residential bathroom renovations and commercial restroom remodelling and renovations in Coorparoo, we are the best option to transform your space for the following reasons:

    • Licensed Professionals – Be reassured with our work since we are QBCC-licensed and insured. Get peace of mind knowing our service is backed with a 6.5-year warranty.
    • Complete Solution – We provide our clients with a complete service from start to finish. We pay close attention to detail in the design, construction, and finishing touches.
    • Efficient Construction – We are committed to finishing our bathroom renovations in just 14 days. We put a heavy emphasis on efficiency so there won’t be any delays in delivering our clients their dream bathroom.
    • Local Family Business – Get a more personalised solution when you work with us. Deal directly with the owners, eliminating the need to work with different people for the project.

    Let’s create a bathroom that shows your unique personality while also providing the serenity you deserve. Contact us for a free quote today and let’s start your much-awaited bathroom renovation!

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    uninspired bathroom

    Don’t suffer the silent sorrow of an uninspired bathroom.

    Many homeowners settle for a simple bathroom renovation because of financial constraints. They think it’s not possible to have a great-looking bathroom that showcases their style with their limited budget. Because of that, they end up with a space that doesn’t resonate with them, causing constant dissatisfaction.

    Why Choose Us?

    A Revitalised Coorparoo Bathroom Renovation

    Navigating budget constraints can be challenging when envisioning your bathroom renovation. However, opting for affordability doesn’t necessarily mean losing sight of your vision entirely.

    In our approach, we emphasise understanding and adapting to your budget, striving to infuse your bathroom renovation with elements that resonate with your personal style. As Coorparoo’s go-to bathroom builders, we pride ourselves on our ability to blend aspiration with affordability. By prioritising features that hold the most value to you, we craft spaces that reflect your personality and meet your needs, ensuring that every choice is both beautiful and budget-conscious.

    Whether you want to transform a small bathroom in your apartment or create a stunning spa-like bathroom for your home, we are the best bathroom renovation contractor in Coorparoo for the following reasons:

    QBCC Licensed & Insured

    Ensure peace of mind with our projects knowing that our team is QBCC-licensed and insured. We take quality seriously and provide clients with great quality results that are up to standards. Our 6.5-year structural warranty also removes our clients’ worries about possible damages.

    On-time Delivery

    We are committed to finishing our bathroom remodelling projects in just 14 days. Our seamless and efficient construction allows us to deliver great results on time. With our organised process, you can enjoy your new bathroom right away.

    Local Family Business

    As a local family business, you will directly deal with the owners. This presents a more personalised, streamlined process for our renovation projects since you won’t have to deal with different people at every stage unlike when you work with other bathroom renovation companies.

    If you want to achieve your dream bathroom despite your limited budget, contact us today for a free consultation and quote.

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    You're In Excellent Hands with ADG

    Bisbane bathroom builder
    Anushma K
    Anushma K
    We had our laundry room renovated by ADG Construction and are very happy with the finished result. Alex and his team did such a great job. Communication was prompt and easy. There was no hassles organising the quote. The staff were all really lovely. We were very happy the a quality of the renovation as well. Would definitely recommend.
    Alex Dempster
    Alex Dempster
    Would definitely recommend these guys for bathroom, kitchen and other renovations. The team are all very professional, genuine and honest compared to many others
    Kevin Chang
    Kevin Chang
    Alex and Dan were awesome to deal with. We're so stoked with the renos! Definitely recommend.
    Callum Wishart
    Callum Wishart
    I provided ADG with a tough design and they surpassed my expectations - would highly recommend for any construction job. Very friendly service as well
    Hamish Nelson
    Hamish Nelson
    Working with ADG was frictionless and positive. Extremely satisfied with the amazing service and friendly support. The renovations turned out phenomenal
    Mia Spinks
    Mia Spinks
    All my expectations were exceed! Not only is the team super friendly, all the work they did was superb. ADG Construction is a10/10.
    Thomas Clarke
    Thomas Clarke
    ADG have helped me build and design my dream home. They were super efficient and had great communication. We were always kept up to date with progress and were very lenient with our suggestions. ADG refuse to cut corners and are willing to spend more time and money to ensure everything was done professionally and according to the AS. 10/10. Would recommend to anyone wanting to renovate. Thank you so much to ADG and their responsive, friendly, experienced team
    Avi Ganasan
    Avi Ganasan
    Recently, I had my kitchen renovated by ADG Construction, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Their team (especially Alki) was punctual and showcased great efficiency throughout the entire process. Their dedication to timely completion without compromising on quality is commendable. I highly recommend ADG Construction for anyone looking to elevate their home with top-notch renovations.

    Bathroom Renovation in Coorparoo in 4 easy steps


    Ready to create a new bathroom space in your Coorparoo apartment? Call us so we can discuss your ideas and offer you a free quote.

    Personalised Consultation

    Once we have a good grasp of your vision and space, our design team tailors the plan further so it becomes more comprehensive. We ensure that the plan is closely aligned with your goals, balancing it with aesthetics and functionality.

      Efficient Construction

      If the plan is approved, we can start with the construction. We schedule the construction to minimise disruptions and hassles. With our efficient team, we strive to complete the project in just 14 days.

      Enjoy the New Space

      After the finishing touches, you may now enjoy the comforting and relaxing vibe your new bathroom brings. Even if you have a small bathroom, you won’t feel the restricted space that you have.

      Call Alki For a Free Quote

      (07) 3130 0301

      Call Alki For a Free Quote

      (07) 3130 0301

      4 Benefits of A Newly Renovated Bathroom

      Comfortable And Serene Sanctuary

      A bathroom renovation transforms the space into a more comfortable and serene private sanctuary for the owner. Through the use of the right lighting and designs, it creates a warm and peaceful atmosphere that invites you to relax and unwind.

      Space-Efficient And Functional Layout

      Limited spaces are utilised with a small bathroom renovation, especially for those living in apartments. A well-designed layout maximises the limited space to enhance functionality and convenience without sacrificing aesthetics. Using storage solutions and right placement of fixtures improves the bathroom’s efficiency and functionality.

      Reflects Unique Personality

      Bathrooms can be the area where homeowners can show their personalities. Since it’s a personal space, they can customise their bathroom to their liking. This leads to the feeling of satisfaction and pride when they see their space resonates with their identity.


      New bathrooms incorporate energy-efficient lighting and fixtures, reducing energy consumption and lowering utility bills. They also give a sense of satisfaction in doing their part to help the environment. 

      Coorparoo Bathroom Reno FAQs

      How can I make my small bathroom appear larger?

      For small bathrooms, you can follow these tips:

      • Maximise natural lights by putting windows or skylights
      • Use light colours to create an illusion of a bigger space
      • Use open shelving instead of cabinets to create more space
      • Incorporate smart storage solutions to declutter your bathroom and improve functionality.

      If you want to know more ways to maximise your small bathroom, contact us today so we can discuss your space needs.

      Do I need a bathroom renovation or a remodel?

      Depending on your vision and current layout, you might need a bathroom remodel or a renovation.
      If your bathroom needs major upgrades such as changing its structure, you will need a bathroom redesign and remodel.

      But if you just want to change the style without making structural alterations such as moving utilities or building or removing internal walls then you just need a renovation.

      Confused as to what option should you choose? Contact us today and we’ll help you figure out the best option for you and your bathroom needs.

      How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

      The cost of a renovation will depend on the size, materials to be used, and extent of the changes you require. Basic renovations can start from about $16,000. To get a better estimate for your bathroom renovation, call us today so we can discuss your specific needs and offer you a quote.

      Do you only offer bathroom renovation services?

      We’re glad to tell you that we also extend our services including ensuite, laundry, home extension, whole house, kitchen and bathroom renovations! As a construction company specialising in renovation services, we can transform any area of your house into a better space!

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