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    Bathroom Renovation Builder Capalaba

    Is your bathroom longing for a makeover that goes beyond the ordinary? Whether you envision a sleek, modern bath or a tranquil retreat, we are your go-to bathroom builders in Capalaba and the Redlands city council area. We tailor each bathroom remodelling project into a reflection of your aspirations.

    The following features set us apart from the rest:

    • As a QBCC licensed and insured company, we uphold the highest standard of quality. Our workmanship is backed by a 6.5-year guarantee providing you peace of mind.
    • Our expert in-house team handles the entire project from design to completion, ensuring the finished product matches your vision exactly and providing you with a hassle-free one point of communication experience.
    • We turn your dream bathroom into swift reality with efficient on-time delivery, with most bathroom renovations jobs completed within 14 days.
    • As a local family business, we ensure direct owner involvement, providing transparent communication all throughout the project.

    We also provide kitchen renovations, laundry renovations, full house renovations & extensions and commercial fitouts.

    Schedule a free consultation today! Choose us, your friendly bathroom renovation contractors in Capalaba and experience the difference of a bathroom redesign that goes beyond standard renovations.

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    kitchen and bathroom renovations

    Don’t waste your time and money on renovations performed by unlicensed contractors.

    When it comes to vital wet areas like bathrooms don’t compromise your home and investment to unscrupulous unlicensed renovators. While their cheap quotes might be tempting, dealing with the aftermath and the cost of rectifying a poorly done job will eat away any potential savings. Not to mention the added stress and downtime of fixing a dodgy job.

    Why Choose Us?

    We understand the difficulty in assessing and choosing the best bathroom renovation contractors for your project. With a plethora of unlicensed “handymen” bathroom renovators out and about, plus the dozen of licensed but unreliable tradies it out there makes finding a genuinely good bathroom renovator like finding a needle in a haystack.

    That’s where we step in – your go-to experts for bathroom renovations in Capalaba, striking the perfect balance between affordability, quality craftsmanship, and professionalism.

    Why trust us?

    Unmatched Quality Assurance

    As a QBCC-licensed and insured company, we uphold the highest standards of quality throughout our work. Your peace of mind is our top priority, underlined by an impressive 6.5-year guarantee backing our workmanship.

    Expert In-House Team

    Our dedicated in-house team assumes control of the entire project, overseeing everything from design to completion. This comprehensive approach ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for you, with every detail meticulously handled by our seasoned experts.

    Efficient On-Time Delivery

    Our expert bathroom builders recognise the value of your time, and apply streamlined processes that swiftly turn your dream bathroom into a reality. With most bathroom renovation projects completed within a mere 14 days. Our commitment to efficient, on-time delivery means you can revel in your renovated space without unnecessary delays

    Local Family Business

    As a proud local family business, we take personal ownership throughout your project. This direct involvement guarantees transparent communication at every stage, assuring you that your vision is our primary focus.

    Don’t let the allure of seemingly tempting prices compromise the excellence of your bathroom renovation. Choose us – your reliable, local experts in Capalaba and Redlands City. Contact us today for a worry-free, seamless makeover that transforms your bathroom into a durable and stylish haven without breaking the bank.

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    You're In Excellent Hands with ADG

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    Anushma K
    Anushma K
    We had our laundry room renovated by ADG Construction and are very happy with the finished result. Alex and his team did such a great job. Communication was prompt and easy. There was no hassles organising the quote. The staff were all really lovely. We were very happy the a quality of the renovation as well. Would definitely recommend.
    Alex Dempster
    Alex Dempster
    Would definitely recommend these guys for bathroom, kitchen and other renovations. The team are all very professional, genuine and honest compared to many others
    Kevin Chang
    Kevin Chang
    Alex and Dan were awesome to deal with. We're so stoked with the renos! Definitely recommend.
    Callum Wishart
    Callum Wishart
    I provided ADG with a tough design and they surpassed my expectations - would highly recommend for any construction job. Very friendly service as well
    Hamish Nelson
    Hamish Nelson
    Working with ADG was frictionless and positive. Extremely satisfied with the amazing service and friendly support. The renovations turned out phenomenal
    Mia Spinks
    Mia Spinks
    All my expectations were exceed! Not only is the team super friendly, all the work they did was superb. ADG Construction is a10/10.
    Thomas Clarke
    Thomas Clarke
    ADG have helped me build and design my dream home. They were super efficient and had great communication. We were always kept up to date with progress and were very lenient with our suggestions. ADG refuse to cut corners and are willing to spend more time and money to ensure everything was done professionally and according to the AS. 10/10. Would recommend to anyone wanting to renovate. Thank you so much to ADG and their responsive, friendly, experienced team
    Avi Ganasan
    Avi Ganasan
    Recently, I had my kitchen renovated by ADG Construction, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Their team (especially Alki) was punctual and showcased great efficiency throughout the entire process. Their dedication to timely completion without compromising on quality is commendable. I highly recommend ADG Construction for anyone looking to elevate their home with top-notch renovations.

    Your Streamlined Bathroom Transformation in 4 Easy Steps!

    Connect with us

    Begin your bathroom transformation journey by reaching out to us. A quick call or message is all it takes – just like chatting with a friend. This initial contact helps us grasp your vision for the renovation

    Tailored planning

    Schedule a consultation and our team will visit your space. We look into your preferences, and share creative ideas. Collaborate with our in-house design team to shape your perfect bathroom.

      Effortless construction

      Once you’ve approved the plan, it’s time to turn dreams into reality. Our skilled bathroom builders get to work, giving your restroom a makeover akin to a rejuvenating spa day. We strive to execute the changes seamlessly, causing minimal disruption.

      Revel in your enhanced bathroom

      Your bathroom is now reborn! Our goal is for you to relish and delight in your revamped restroom. It’s not just a room; it’s a place that resonates perfectly with you.

      Call Alki For a Free Quote

      (07) 3130 0301

      Call Alki For a Free Quote

      (07) 3130 0301

      4 Benefits of Newly Renovated Bathroom

      Elevated appeal

      Revamping your bathroom is akin to infusing a breath of fresh vitality. Through a revitalised colour palette, updated furnishings, and an overall redesigned aesthetic, your bathroom space can experience a remarkable metamorphosis. The rejuvenated aesthetics not only enhance the exterior allure of your bathroom but also cultivate a warm and welcoming ambiance within.

      Improved Functionality

      Renovating your bathroom allows for a thoughtful redesign that enhances functionality. From space-efficient storage solutions to updated plumbing and fixtures, the newly renovated space is not just visually appealing but also more practical and user-friendly, making your daily routines more convenient.

      Appreciation in property value

      Overhauling pivotal areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, can substantially augment the resale value of your property. This strategic investment not only improves the practicality and visual charm of your home but also proves to be financially advantageous when the time comes to either sell or refinance the property.

      Personalized Comfort and Relaxation

      Your bathroom is a sanctuary for relaxation and self-care. A bathroom renovation in Capalaba allows you to tailor the space to your preferences, creating a personal oasis. Whether it’s a luxurious bathtub, a spacious shower, or ambient lighting, the renovated bathroom becomes a haven for unwinding, promoting a sense of comfort and tranquillity in your home. Making your day to day experience like going to a day spa.

      Bathroom Reno FAQs

      Does a bathroom renovation increase house value?

      Yes, strategic renovations can significantly increase the value of your home. Focusing on improvements that enhance functionality, energy efficiency, and aesthetics often translates into a higher property value. Bathroom and kitchen are the two spaces which when renovated typically have the biggest uplift in property value. You may wish to consult a few local real estate sales agents who will be able to provide deeper insight into how much value a renovation can add to your property based on the situation of your local real estate market

      How long does a bathroom renovation take?

      The duration of a bathroom renovation varies based on factors such as the scope of work and project complexity. While extensive renovations can extend to several months, we can complete most bathroom renovations in under 14 days. We provide you with a detailed timeline during the planning phase to set realistic expectations.

      How much does a bathroom remodel cost?

      The cost of a bathroom remodel depends on factors such as the scope of work, materials chosen, and project size. We offer personalised quotes after assessing your specific needs, ensuring transparency and clarity regarding the budget.

      How do I select a renovation contractor?

      Choosing a renovation contractor involves thorough research. Look for contractors with experience in similar projects, check references, and ensure they are licensed and insured. We encourage open communication and provide a portfolio of our work to showcase our expertise.

      What is the best time of year to do a bathroom renovation?

      The best time for doing renovations depends on factors such as weather conditions and personal preferences. While Autumn and winter are popular for outdoor renovations up here in Capalaba and SEQ in general, indoor projects can be undertaken anytime throughout the year. We help you plan renovations that suit your timeline and project requirements.

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